In what would have been a travesty to end all travesties, the beloved Brooklyn Bridge was almost "restored" to a color called "Queensborough Tan." The Brooklyn Paper first noticed the name last week, but the Department of Transportation has since changed their plan and will be painting the bridge "Brooklyn Bridge Tan." Which may be the same color, but at least it's not named after Queens!

The bridge actual predates the existence of the borough of Queens by 14 years, and was originally painted "Rawlins Red." The Landmarks Preservation Commission specified the tan color, though DOT officials won't know what the color actually looks like until the paint chips arrive. And no Brooklyn Bridge story would be complete without a corny quip from BBP Marty Markowitz, who says, “In Brooklyn, we have better things to do than watch paint dry, but with that said, I naturally believe that our better known and iconic Brooklyn Bridge deserves its own, hip hue. May I suggest ‘Brooklyn Bridge Bronze’ or perhaps ‘Kings County Khaki’?” Perhaps a nice "John Augustus Roebling Red"?