A 7-year-old boy playing on an automated parking lot gate in Bedford-Stuyvesant became partially stuck inside it yesterday. Witnesses say the unidentified boy was clinging to the gate as it was rolling up and became pinned. “They like to fool around on that gate,” one witness tells the Post, “He rode the gate up and his two friends jumped. But as it got higher he was afraid to jump — then he got stuck.”

The boy's head and one arm were wrapped inside the metal section of the gate, and he was so high up that firefighters responding to the scene, at 50 Skillman Street, had to stand atop an SUV in order to reach him. Firefighters used hearse tools and airbags to extricate the boy; FDNY Lt. Gordon Ambelas told CBS 2, "The airbags inflate, and it allows the metal to expand, which released his head."

"I saw his mouth was moving - his lips - and I saw his feet were moving, so I think he was conscious," another witness observed. Another FDNY source told the Post, "Luckily the kid was small and limber."

The boy was finally freed and hospitalized with minor injuries. It certainly could have been worse; two years ago, 12-year-old Yakim McDaniels was killed while playing on an electronic parking gate in Brooklyn.