32-year-old Christopher Braham recently moved to New York from Florida to find work, and he did, as a fill-in bouncer at Pat's Palm Tree on Church Avenue in East Flatbush. But on Saturday night, his very first night on the job, he was gunned down trying to break up a brawl. Even more depressing, his older brother was murdered in 2009 just a few blocks away in a similarly senseless attack over an elliptical machine at a local gym.

"It’s like a nightmare in my head," the bar's owner Patricia Watson, who was hosting her 50th birthday party that night, told the Post. She said she'd hired Braham to replace a regular bouncer for $150.

According to authorities, the incident occurred around 4:30 a.m. when two groups of men began brawling. The fight spilled out onto the street and one of the men returned and pulled out a gun. According to Watson, Brahan got hit in the foot, collapsed and then was shot seven more times. He was later declared dead at Kings County Hospital.

In 2009, Brahan's half-brother, Douglas Smith, was brutally murdered nearby after he got in an argument with some men at a gym. Smith, a social worker, tried to use an elliptical machine the others had claimed dibs on. "I can’t tell his mother," the news about Brahan, their father Castello Smith told the Daily News. "She’ll die right on the spot."