2007_11_baseballbat.jpgWhile the police don't recommend that store owners lash out at armed robbers, but that didn't stop one East New York bodega owner. WABC 7 reports that when a robber with a gun entered a bodega on Sutter Avenue last night, the workers beat him with a baseball bat.

The robber was trapped because the owner closed the gate. Even though one shot was fired, the only injured person was the robber, who was "badly bruised." The nephew of the bodega's owner said, "It was not a good plan, but after it was done, what can you do? See, my uncle put down the gate, so the workers were inside with a guy with the gun. What are they supposed to do?" A witness agreed, "They have a right to defend themselves. That is all I can think about. Nobody likes to be robbed."

Last week, one bodega owner attacked an armed robber with a machete and, in October, a petite convenience store employee scared off a robber (with fake gun) by wielding a huge ax.