America loves a good stunt, a good prank. Just look how far they've taken Evil Knievel and Jimmy Kimmel. Sometimes a good stunt can't pay the bills though, and in the case of Boerum Hill's Jesse's Bodega, not even two well-covered stunts have been enough to keep them in business, with the bodega announcing its closure this week. Unless of course this is just another prank!

Jesse's Deli, which has been on the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Bond Street since 1983, got a good run of press last year for their anti-gentrification stunts, first their high-priced "artisan" rebranding in June and then a listing of the bodega's front window on Airbnb for $329/night in September. In both instances, the stunts were meant to call attention to the fight the owners of Jesse's were having with the landlord, who wanted to raise the deli's rent from $4,000/month to $10,000 month.

That fight is over now though, as the owners told the Brooklyn Paper that they were giving up the court case to stop their eviction, and planned to close on Monday. The timetable sped up though, with DNAinfo reporting that they closed for good Thursday afternoon, and were now just loading out all of their equipment. So, Brooklyn is down one more place for cheap beer and also another place that would try a wiseass attempt to fight gentrification and stay in business.