The NY Post is hearing from some state lawmakers that Brooklyn Diocese Bishop allegedly "threatened [them] by vowing to close churches in their districts -- and blame them for the closures -- if they dared support a bill making it easier for people who were sexually assaulted as kids to sue." The Child Victims Act, sponsored by Assembly Member Margaret Markey (D-Queens), is headed to the Assembly for debate soon "seeks to extend the statute of limitations for lawsuits involving the rape or molesting of youngsters. It could cost the Church hundreds of millions in payouts to victimized parishioners." Apparently DiMarzio confronted lawmakers about the bill last fall; one Assembly member described, "He said, 'If it passes, we will close a parish in each of your districts and we will tell your constituents that it was your fault.'" DiMarzio's spokesman denies the charges of blackmail, but did note, "The consequences for our community would be profound," adding, "We're dealing with an anti-Catholic bias that's pervading the New York state Assembly."