Maybe you’ve seen this PSA around in the subway—well its turns out NYPD doesn’t know which one is real either. Early this morning Bushwick cops fired two round at a 61-year-old BB gunman, whose weapon they mistook for a real firearm. Should have turned it in for cash.

The Brooklyn drama got underfoot around 1:20 a.m. when police got a 911 call that there was an armed man on Linden Street. Minutes later they arrived at the scene and found their target, but fearing gunfire, they took cover behind a parked car, reports the Post. They yelled to the man to drop his weapon, but instead he turned towards him and raised his gun, they say. One NYPD officer fired twice, hitting the suspect in his torso and thigh. He was taken to Elmhurst hospital where he’s currently in stable condition. Cops recovered a deceptively real-looking (well, at least it was was big enough to be real) BB gun from the scene. NY1 says charges against the man are pending, for what it's not clear.