A tipster passed along an email from Steve Rodriguez, owner of 5boro Skateboards, which outlines information about the Department of Transportation's plans for Brooklyn Banks, the popular Manhattan skate park under the Brooklyn Bridge. The unofficial skating area will be closed due to the DOT's multiyear bridge rehab project.

According to Rodriguez, "Starting on Jan 15th until 4-6 months later, both overpasses that go over the banks area will be covered and painted (pretty much entire banks area from Pearl to Rose streets will be closed and off limits). Once overpasses are painted(approx summer 2010)- the north ramp (ramp furthest away from the bridge itself) will   be uncovered and the area that is not used for staging will be open. 2014 - entire banks area will be open again."

He also provided some images of what will be closed and what he hopes can stay open for the skaters. Rodriguez wrote, "I know there is nothing we can do about the Banks being closed for the 6 months starting January 15th because that work/painting must be done but I feel as if we should still have an ongoing conversation with the DOT to try and get the red space so that the banks don't need to be closed for 4 years.  I will keep you updated on what DOT says about this and they said they will take it into consideration but nothing can be decided this early on in the project. I will also be researching possibilities with the Landmarks Preservation Commission to try and get the banks Landmarked and I think with our network of people we could show a great reason for doing so."