2008_12_babycab.jpgAww, there are more details about the baby born in the back of a Brooklyn cab. According to the Daily News, a "panicked taxi driver flagged down two cops while two more arrived to help" 30-year-old Fang Zhao, who was screaming in the cab. Officer Kerryann Douglass told WCBS 2, "She had sweatpants on, and all of a sudden we saw the baby's head coming through the sweatpants. I was like: 'Oh my word.' So I pulled off her pants and out came baby." Douglas and her partner Jobed Serrano caught the baby, and Douglas cleared the baby's airway. Zhao's husband, who tried to get home in time but couldn't when his car service cab didn't show for 45 minutes, said his first words to baby Elina—who is doing well, as is mom— were "You are looking at your daddy now, but you scared your daddy today."