There may be certain scenarios where a teacher or principal exchanging a text message with a student is innocent—but is there any scenario in which exchanging nearly 3,000 texts is not sketchy? The city has filed disciplinary charged against Christian Del Re, the former assistant principal at Leon Goldstein High School for the Sciences, for “inappropriate contact” with an 18-year-old female student. Still, some of Del Re's former students certainly think it may be innocent: “There could be 3,000 text messages, but it doesn’t mean there was anything sexual,” senior Carolina Guarrella told the News. “I don’t believe it.”

Investigators were prompted to investigate Del Re after students claimed they saw him playing with the teen’s hair and leaving the school’s parking lot with her in his car. Altogether, they found that Del Re had texted the girl 1,442 times in a 91 day period between Nov. 2, 2011, and Jan. 31; the student texted him 1,477 times during then, averaging out to more than 32 texts per day. They also had frequent late night phone calls, most of which happened after midnight, and ranged from 49 to 163 minutes; and on at least two occasions, he called her after 3 a.m.

Nevertheless, Del Re claims that the relationship was above board, and that he never touched her. He told investigators she “would talk to him about problems at school, problems with other students and problems with her boyfriend,” according to the report. Some students claimed to the Post that the girl who her ratted them out to officials was simply spreading rumors because the girl disliked her—but the city has moved to terminate him. “He doesn’t deserve this,” student Kevin Guerara told the News. “It’s all just rumors. The woman who accused him just wanted attention.”