The life of the toiling zit-scarred intern has its fair share of ups and downs: your boss may ask you to drink illegally, may whisk you to Africa, or might just engage you in tickle fights, and you'll have to go along with it. But one Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney must have taken tickle fights a step too far, since she has allegedly been suspended for two weeks for verbally abusing interns.

ADA Ama Dwimoh heads the elite crimes against children bureau, and came to prominence with the Nixzmary Brown murder case. According to the Daily News, interns said that Dwimoh constantly screamed at them, and threatened to fire them for little or no reason. They brought their complaints directly to head District Attorney Charles Hynes.

A spokesman for Hynes confirmed that Dwimoh, a 22-year law veteran, "is the subject of an internal investigation," without further clarification. The intern attorneys all hail from private law firms, and under special arrangements, work full time for the 50-person crimes against children bureau. The NY Times recently questioned the ethics of the unpaid internship, but the outcome of this may very well change the landscape of coffee-runs and Xerox work forever.