Brooklyn Assemblyman William Boyland, Jr. has been found guilty on corruption charges in federal court in downtown Brooklyn today, and now faces up to 30 years in prison after taking numerous bribes from FBI agents posing as developers.

Boyland, 43, a four-term assemblyman who represented the Brownsville section of Brooklyn and came from a prominent political family, faced similar corruption cases in 2011, but beat the charges. Fittingly enough, this current corruption case arose out of a $7,000 bribe he took to help pay his defense fees during the 2011 corruption trial. His desperation then made him an easy target for undercover FBI agents, who posed as unscrupulous businessmen looking to win his favor on development deals and were all too willing to pay for his legal fees instead.

"I have a bag man," Boyland bragged to the undercover agents.

But having Boyland on tape soliciting bribes was not enough for the prosecution, who flipped Boyland's lover and chief of staff Ry-Ann Hermon after indicting them both, and getting Hermon to testify against Boyland. Hermon testified how Boyland used funds from a nonprofit he controlled to pay for campaign materials, block parties, and boat cruises. Damn, it feels good to be an Assemblyman.

Boyland and his staff have a long history of corruption and shoddy sense of civic duty. In 2011, after taking a payoff from an undercover FBI agent, chief-of-staff Hermon said on a taped recording, "Oh my God! You just, like, made me hot!" And also in 2011, Boyland was found out to have spent most of his time in legislative session playing the Facebook game CityVille.

Boyland joined the Assembly in a special election in 2003. His father and uncle had previously served in the assembly and his sister, Tracy Boyland, is a former City Councilwoman. This, however, might mark the end of the political dynasty.