2007_05_douglas.jpgWhen the Fire Department responded to a two-alarm fire around 1:30AM yesterday in Bedford-Stuyvesant, they discovered that a 31-year-old woman and her 4-year-old daughter. And the woman, Wanette Douglas, had been strangled and stabbed 17 times.

The ME's office classified the death as a homicide, and the police believe the killer set her home on fire to hide the murder. The Post says the killer threw a lit book of matches "onto the bedding - as the woman's 4-year-old daughter slept in the same room." Douglas had recently gotten a job as a NYC Transit cleaner.

Little T'kyha Douglas is being treated for smoke inhalation. Wellington Sharpe, the director of the Nelrak Child Development Center that T'kyha attends (and the one-time City Council candidate for the 40th District in Brooklyn), told the Daily News, "Thank God she didn't suffer any burns. ... We lost her mother. We don't want to lose her." She is expected to fully recover. And the little girl has reportedly asked the police officer guarding her where he mother is.