Let's say you are a vivacious young lawyer with an international background, multiple degrees and a healthy sense of ego. At the age of 29, you have worked in the Brooklyn DA's office for a year as an assistant district attorney, and your star seems to be on the rise. Would you keep working as a prosecutor under DA Charles Hynes, the man you say inspired you to become a lawyer, or jeopardize everything by appearing on a second-rate reality TV show run by a megalomaniac who runs his business like a high powered car salesman?

For former assistant Brooklyn district attorney Mahsa Saeidi-Azcuy, there was never really a choice. But could any of us truly resist the hokey charms of 15 minutes of fame on Donald Trump's most Trumpy show, The Apprentice? Saeidi-Azcuy took two months leave this summer to appear on the show, which just started airing this month. She resigned her position in the DA's office Monday after "her newfound celebrity" had already proved a problem: "Obviously, how can I be in a courtroom now, at least while the show is airing?" Saeidi-Azcuy told NY Law Journal. The district attorney has a policy of not asking why people take time off; had Hynes known, the leave would not have been granted, according to office spokesman Jerry Schmetterer.

In the tabloid publicity for the new season of The Apprentice, Saeidi-Azcuy is pigeon-holed as "the breadwinner," because she is the sole income earner in her house. According to reports from the show, she sounds much more like "the yeller": after the first episode of the show, Ivanka Trump, one of the show's co-hosts, said, "Mahsa was brutal. I mean, [she was] just so excited to speak and to yell. I was shocked. She's so unprofessional—her voice, her yelling...I think Mahsa has a terrible attitude."

According to NY Law, she was publicly applying for another position while on the show, despite already having her Brooklyn job; many of the other contestants on this years program are unemployed. But according to an interview with Iranian, maybe she really wants to get out of the lawyering game: "...but one thing that would be kind of a natural fit for me would be the Miss Universe competition. I grew up in my mom's hair salon as a kid, I was surrounded by beauty. I have a beauty secrets group on Facebook."