Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney Justin Marrus, who we noted yesterday had some unseemly photographs of himself on his publicly accessible Facebook page (think blackface, confederate flags, prison rape), is really sorry about all that, guys. Or at least he told his boss he is—he's not commenting on the story.

According to DA spokesman Jerry Schmetterer, Marrus "apologized. He admits it was childish and inappropriate." Further, District Attorney Charles Hynes has accepted Marrus's; apology, and life at the Brooklyn DA's office will go on, in its own unique way.

And so ends another painful lesson in basic online behavior. To review! Want to have a job in the public sector? Make your Facebook and other online haunts inaccessible to the public. Otherwise somebody is eventually going to find those incriminating/embarrassing photos. And then they are going to end up on a much more public website, and "blackface" may very well follow you forever. Just ask poor former bank intern Kevin Colvin!