Back in 2008 Brooke Shields purchased a four-apartment Greek Revival townhouse on West 10th Street in the West Village. At the time, Curbed noted it was "going to take some serious work to combine into a single-family mansion, but Brooke Shields is up to the challenge." Flash forward to today, when the Daily News reports that her neighbors are fed up with construction, which starts around 6 a.m. every morning and has been going on for months.

Currently the sidewalk outside of her new home is even closed, and nearby property managers are getting threats from tenants that they'll move if the madness doesn't end. Meanwhile, those working on the actress's domestic masterpiece are on the receiving end of complaints from locals, who they tell: "If you have a problem, take it up with Brooke Shields." Her rep has apologized, and says her client would like the work done more than anyone else. Yes, believe it or not, she wants nothing more than to be able to move into her mansion.

Doesn't sound like Shields should be expecting the welcome wagon when she finally does move in; one resident told the paper, "people definitely have strong feelings about Brooke disrupting the normally peaceful atmosphere."