According to the NY Post, a woman has been arrested in connection to the murder of Felix Brinkmann, a 90-year-old Holocaust survivor. According to the NY Post, Angela Murray, 30, of the Bronx, was arrested on Saturday: "She and her accomplice allegedly ransacked the apartment and stole Brinkmann's credit cards and car."

Brinkmann's body, which had been beaten and bound, was found in his Upper East Side apartment last Thursday. Brinkmann reportedly solicited prostitutes, but the Post says "investigators declined to say whether Murray was a sex worker." Police are still looking for the male accomplice.

Yesterday, Brinkmann's friend recalled that when he owned the Adam's Apple, a popular Manhattan nightclub in the 1970s, Brinkmann was robbed at gunpoint: "He said, 'Do what you have to do. They had him at gunpoint. They pistol-whipped him. He took one helluva beating -- but he didn't give them a thing... If whoever killed him thought he was an easy victim because he was 90, they were wrong. He was still hard as nails, and, I promise you, he would've put up a helluva fight."

And Brinkmann's son, Rick Brinkmann, has written a blog post about his dad; here's what his father told him a few weeks ago: "I feel I had a fortunate life. Even going through the three concentration camps, I somehow was able to make the best out of the worst. I never would have thought growing up as a boy in Riga, Latvia that I would end up in the greatest city (NYC), in the greatest country in the world (USA)."