Last month, there were worries there was a person killing animals in Westchester County, when the bodies of over 30 dogs and cats were found in garbage bags along the Hutchinson Parkway. Now it turns out that there's no serial killer of animals, but there's still a depressing twist: Westchester County authorities say that Bronx veterinarian Andrew Manesis dumped the bodies after promising his clients "proper burials" for their pets.

Manesis allegedly took cash ($100-300) to cremate the pets. Authorities tracked down Manesis after contacting the owner of one of the cats found in a shoebox. Sgt. Edward Reich said, "The serial number from that shoebox was subpoenaed and the business records revealed the owner of the cat. That owner brought us to the veterinary office in the Bronx." And the Westchester SPCA's Enrnest Lungaro. “It was very, very disturbing — reason being people place a lot of trust and faith in the vets. What he did was he betrayed that trust of his clients."

Manesis, who was charged with fraud, violation of environmental conservation law and two counts of petit larceny, told WCBS 2, "[We're] grossly defending these allegations. We have a counsel for the hospital and I wish that this would be resolved. This is a disdainful situation," but one former client told the station that he wasn't happy with Manesis's diagnosis for his cat. Apparently Manesis said his cat had a virus that would go away, but another vet "just felt it for a second. The cat had a softball-size tumor in his stomach. They had to put the cat to sleep immediately."