092308falkenrath.jpgAn unidentified homeless man got sent on a Dickensian misadventure last December after he made the mistake of knocking on the door of NYPD counterterrorism czar Richard Falkenrath (pictured) to ask for a glass of water. Like other czars, Falkenrath is not known for his compassion, and he promptly alerted the local constabulary to the parched roustabout's presence in his Bronx neighborhood. Cops questioned the man and released him, but officers in the NYPD's intelligence threat assessment unit, which handles threats against public officials, later flagged the man's name so they would be informed if he was arrested again. They also notified the Joint Terrorist Task Force, which Falkenrath oversees.

Fast forward to January, when transit officers picked the man up for jumping a subway turnstile. The Daily News reports that instead of simply arresting him, NYPD detectives sent him to a Brooklyn psych ward, where he was held for five weeks. And upon his release, the NYPD contacted his family and had a detective escort him to a relative's home in Chicago. Now Internal Affairs is looking into all this, and a source tells the News, "These are people who are supposed to protect the city from terrorists. What are they doing taking some poor drunk out of state when he didn't commit a crime? It's abuse."