Prosecutors have been playing tapes of James Cromitie, one the men accused of plotting to blow up synagogues in the Bronx last year, speaking with the government informant. Cromitie is heard saying, "Sometime, I think I’m talking too much," "Somebody need to send one, one great big message, bigger than the World Trade Center," and "I would kill 10 [Jews] Before I think about killing one Muslim. Don’t be surprised if one day you might see me in handcuffs again. Don’t be surprised because I have zero tolerance for people who disrespect Muslims."

When the government informant said he didn't want to manipulate Cromitie, Cromotie responded, "With your intelligence, I know you can manipulate someone. But not me, because I’m intelligent. I’m Muslim. I know how far to go. You understand?" However, other, later tapes indicate Cromitie seemed to be wavering on the terror plot; on one, he says, "I’m just, I’m just lagging. I’m, I’m, I’m thinking. I don’t want nobody to get hurt," but then he says it's okay to hit American soldiers or a "whole synagogue of men."

Cromitie's lawyer and the other defendants' lawyers claim that they were entrapped by the informant.