Residents of the Sister Thomas Apartments, a low-income building in the South Bronx, are so disgusted by the combined odors from a sewage plant and trash transfer station that they're considering a plan to pump perfume into their building. The idea is the brainchild of environmental justice advocate and MacArthur "genius" Award winner Majora Carter, who enlisted the help of Parisian perfumer Pascal Gaurin to create a new fragrance for the Bronx Building. It's called L'Eau Verte du Bronx du Sud, which means "Green Water of the South Bronx."

The building's management company wants to release the perfume into the building through a rooftop air unit, and Carter tells the Daily News she hopes the fragrance will remind residents of "the connection between everyday life and nature." Tenants still need to approve the plan, but building manager Sal Gigante is certain they'll greenlight the perfume, which he insists is far superior to the current odor of "decaying rat carcass."