A Bronx teen who fatally slapped an Italian man outside a deli early Friday morning told police his victim called him "an immigrant," according to court papers obtained by channel 7. Brownie Lopez, 19, turned himself in to police at the 48th Precinct on Sunday night and has been charged with misdemeanor assault for slapping Oliver D’Orio in the face, causing him to fall backwards onto the sidewalk and hit his head.

D'Orio, a resident of Switzerland who had been in NYC for over a week to visit his girlfriend, was reportedly intoxicated when he crossed paths with Lopez at a deli on Washington Avenue in Belmont. The shop's clerk told the Post that D'Orio "was pestering [the suspect], saying, 'Buy me a beer, buy me a beer.' They came out onto the street and when the fight started he punched him with an open hand. The man went down. I knew he was dead when he hit the ground."

Surveillance video from outside the deli shows D’Orio walking away, then ripping off his shirt and apparently squaring off against Lopez. According to the criminal complaint, Lopez told police: "He called me an immigrant and asked me for drugs. I gave him a punch because he had something in his hands. I was scared and felt pressured and I hit him." Another witness says D'Orio was brandishing a banana.

Lopez is being held in lieu of $5,000 bail and faces up to one year in prison on the misdemeanor assault charge. Asked why more serious charges weren't filed against Lopez, a spokesman for Bronx DA Robert Johnson told the News that the surveillance video makes clear that “intent to kill just wan’t there.”