Is it a relief to know that Francisco Garabitos didn't have a bomb when his threats caused a Bronx middle school to be evacuated on Friday? The 55-year-old teacher, who was apparently upset about being disciplined for allegedly punching a student and throwing him against the wall, says he simply wanted the DOE to investigate the principal. Garabitos, a union chapter chairman, told the Post, "A teacher did not snap. A teacher did not threaten to blow up the school.... I just said I was going to shut down the school... It's a political movement by the union. The union wants a change of administration. We negotiate, but when they don't pay attention, we try to do something dramatic." Well, having the NYPD bomb squad arrive and over 1,000 students evacuate is definitely dramatic. Other teachers have been upset with the school's policies, but United Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten also said, "Nobody -- I don't care who it is -- should put kids in harm's way." Garabitos, who has a history of alleged misconduct, was released without bail yesterday.