A Bronx teacher has been arrested and accused of raping a 10-year-old student today. According to police, 40-year-old PS 386 teacher Anthony Criscuolo was arrested this morning and charged with second degree rape. The NYPD told us that the mother of the victim discovered text messages or e-mails between the teacher and her daughter.

According to ABC, the girl told detectives that Criscuolo informed her she was going to receive an award on Monday—he wrote a letter about the award on school letterhead to give to her mother. Criscuolo then allegedly took the girl to another school, PS 196, and allegedly raped her in a car in the parking lot.

Criscuolo has been reassigned away from the classroom and students. However, as Metro points out, Criscuolo is a tenured teacher, so he will remain employed by the DOE and receive a full paycheck from the city while the court process unfolds.