Photo by Nate Kensinger.

The Bronx Swamp has finally been drained! The abandoned below-grade rail line that Nate Kensinger photographed earlier this year in all its glowing green goodness, was causing a stink in the neighborhood — and after the landowners were unable to be found, the city took on the task of cleaning it up.

The area was filled with rodents and had become a breeding ground for mosquitos, with the Daily News even dubbing it a cesspool. As such, a multi-agency effort was needed to ultimately clean it all up — starting with the EPA, who pumped out about 650,000 gallons of water; and the Department of Sanitation who removed 45 tons of trash! Then other agencies stepped in to level the area, eliminate puddles and install catch basins and sewer pipes. All in all the job didn't take too long, and cost about $350K (which the city hopes to get back from the land owner whenever they locate him).

One local declared: "It went from a cesspool to a Jacuzzi down there. They've done a wonderful job." Now, what can we do about that polluted River?