Yesterday around noon, a 16-year-old student at Bronx Regional High School was shot around 12:30 p.m. According to NY1, the teen told the police that the suspect was trying to rob him. And one student said, "They said the boy wanted his jacket and Paul said 'I'm not giving you my jacket.' And somebody said they was fighting at first, people was around watching and they didn't take it seriously. And they shot him."

The victim, Paul Ulloa, "was listed in stable condition at Lincoln Hospital," according to the Daily News. His family said he works at an Upper West Side as a busboy to help with the family's bills; his brother added, "Why did they have to pick on him? He wasn't bothering anybody - [they] could've taken his life."

Another student had told NY1, "A lot of kids were out here, you know they was chilling for lunchtime. So I guess when we went back inside they said some guy got shot we started hearing helicopters. That's when all the cops came up. Usually what happens, it's really dangerous because all the kids chill here and they go out for lunch and then other people will be up the block and so there's not a lot of security around here."