2006_02_stabbingbx.jpgPolice killed a man who was stabbing his family, including an 18 month old baby. Michael Harris had also beaten his mother with a hammer and stabbed his sister, his sister's boyfriend and their child in a rampage. The wound his 18 month nephew suffered actually severed an artery, but all family members are in stable condition. The Daily News says that Harris had a history of mental illness and was apparently supposed to be taking medication; Harris was reportedly upset that his mother wasn't making dinner. When Harris stabbed his sister again and then lunged for police, the cops fatally shot him. A neighbor says the police did the right thing, telling the Times and probably referring to all over instances of excessive police force, "As many times as they messed up, the police did it right today."

The police also killed a dog in the apartment - it was shot when it had charged them.