Police say that a former resident of a Bronx homeless shelter violently ambushed the shelter's manager—and then shot her on the street when she tried to escape on Monday night. Ana Charle, 36, had gunshot wounds to her face and head; a police source told the NY Times, "It is fairly close range. This is as bad a homicide as I’ve seen."

Charle, a mother of two, managed Project Renewal's Bronx Boulevard men's shelter. One resident said, "She was very nice, always smiling, willing to help people. Very pretty, pleasant young lady." She had left the facility at 4380 Bronx Boulevard, between East 237th Street and Nereid Avenue, and was walking to her car a block away when West Spruill, 39, allegedly abducted her, forcing her into her own vehicle with him.

According to the NY Times, Spruill had "abducted" Charle, "forced her to undress in her car, chased her as she tried to flee and then shot her in the street, killing her."

Charle had run from the car at the Bullard Avenue and 237th Street naked, and Spruill, also naked, chased her and then shot her multiple times.

The Daily News spoke to a witness, who described, "There was a shot, then some more shots. Then a final shot. He came running up the hill and ran down the street into the car wash, where the police arrested him."

After firing at Charle, a police source told the Post, "He walks back to the car after he shoots her and gets dressed and starts walking off. He is a really, really bad guy." However, police soon caught Spruill at the BRP Car Wash & Lube around the corner. Spruill was reportedly carrying bags, one of which held a .40-caliber gun.

Spruill had six prior arrests, including robbery and assault charges in NYC, and was in Michigan state prison from 2006 to 2014 for assault with a deadly weapon. A police source told the Times, "He assaulted people in jail, while he was there, as well... He is a professional criminal. He shut down as soon as we grabbed him," noting how Spruill immediately asked for a lawyer. Investigators are also trying to determine whether Spruill raped Charle.

Wanda Rijo, who worked with Charle at the shelter, said that Spruill had "mental health issues... I remember what he looked like. He was there for seven months. He stands out. He wore like dark sunglasses. He was kind of paranoid."

Rijo said of Charle, "She was a wonderful person. An excellent mother, a hard worker. She was a great leader. She was the director of the program and very caring about the population that we work with."

Project Renewal said in a Facebook post, "Tragically, Ana Charle, Director of the Bronx Blvd. Shelter, was murdered yesterday. Our hearts and thoughts go out to Ana's entire family. Ana was a dedicated, wonderful, and loving person. She worked tirelessly to improve the lives of others. Ana exemplified the very best of Project Renewal and we are heartbroken by this senseless and tragic loss."

Charle's boyfriend Greg Alcendor lamented about her death, "She requested security, but they never provided it at that place... I used to pick her up from there. I’m like, ‘Those people, you’re on the same floor as them. There’s no security.'"

Spruill been at the shelter from last summer until January of this year; he had been recently living in a Manhattan shelter. He was charged with second-degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon.