CBS 2 just conducted a scathing sting on State Senator Pedro Espada Jr., discovering that the powerful politician actually resides in tony Mamaroneck, outside his Bronx district. The exposé found that Espada's Westchester home is worth almost $700,000, and that while he claims his residence to be a co-op in the Bronx (at 325 East 201st Street), tenants there say he's never around. One resident tells the news channel, "I have never seen him in the building, not ever. I do my laundry in the building. I come and go with my 1-year-old. Unfortunately, I've never seen him here." Espada could be violating state election law by making Mamaroneck his home, and the revelation may further exacerbate New Yorkers' anger at the politician for his role in blocking any MTA bailout. A spokesman for the senator insisted that while he's owned the Mamaroneck house for 18 years, the Bronx co-op is his primary domicile. But when approached by a camera crew outside the Westchester home, Espada, ever the politician, tried to disguise his identity by holding a baby in front of his face.