Ah, yet another thing to confirm the horrible bureaucracy in the Department of Education. The Post reports that a Bronx Science student is suing the school because they are stonewalling efforts to get her Bronx Science diploma. Maria Casal failed pre-calculus during her senior year, and was told that she would have to complete summer school if she wanted a Bronx Sci diploma - at graduation, she got a regular Regents diploma. So she went to summer school for the MQ7/8 class, but then it was cancelled after two days because there were only three students attending! According to her lawsuit, the other two students were allowed to complete the class by independent study (perhaps because they weren't seniors), but she wasn't. This just sounds crazy, which might be par for course with the DoE. But come on, an 18 year old who is willing and able to take summer school right before she goes off to college? That's heart!