Near 2:30 a.m., a pipe of a 25,000 gallon water tank on a Bronx apartment building rooftop cracked—forcing all 14 floors' residents to be evacuated. The incident occurred on Holland Avenue, in the Olinville section.

Residents were allowed to return, though heat and water were shut off during the initial repairs (they are being restored now), with water running down windows, walls and hallways. One resident told WCBS 2, "A lot of water from the roof. My apartment, I live on 14th floor, and my floor was full of water." And Battalion Chief Richard Blatus said, "There was some kind of malfunction of the overflow valve on the roof tank which caused several thousand gallons of water to flood the roof area. As a precaution we evacuated the top two floors. We were able to shut down the main to the building."