Workers have patched up the water main that broke yesterday in the Bronx, but the pain continues for businesses and residents. Hundreds are still without gas, bus service is rerouted, and there's a lot of damage from the flooding that turned many streets into rivers. One resident told the WABC 7, "We're surrounded by water. We can't go nowhere. We can't get nowhere. We're stuck."

The break occurred at Jerome Avenue and 177th Street, on a 108-year-old water main. Many of the city's pipes are over 100 years old, and Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Caswell Holloway told the Post the pipe's age might not have been a factor, "[Cast iron] one of the strongest materials we have, so cast-irons generally last a long time."

Mayor Bloomberg says it seems like things are under control, but Con Ed said it might take days to restore gas to local business and residents.