A former Bronx principal was fired from his new gig in Pleasantville after a state audit found he couldn't account for $90,000 in bake sale proceeds and other funds at John F. Kennedy High School, which was allegedly given to staffers. Anthony Rotunno resigned from Kennedy after findings surfaced, and had until August 1st to voluntarily resign his new position in Pleasantville. He didn't, and was fired. However, as per state Education Law, Pleasantville still has to pay him until his termination becomes effective on September 7th. Where are those government inefficiency reports when you need them?

The district will end up paying him around $14,500 for a month of non-service. But though he was fired, Rotunno still claims he did nothing wrong. His lawyer, Stuart London, claims the audit was "incomplete" and that when Rotunno tried to explain his side of the story to the Pleasantville district, he was "denied with a terse letter." London said "An innocent man's career is being railroaded." Even if he never works in education again, he can at least be proud that his students managed to raise $90,000 through bake sales. We bet people paid extra for under-the-counter homemade desserts.