Yesterday, it was reported that the wife of a Bronx NYPD precinct commander had been beaten by two masked men on Valentine's Day; officials then began investigating a sordid police love triangle between her husband and another officer. But it turns out that Tsui D'Adamo was lying to police the whole time—especially the part about two black men beating her up.

D'Adamo told police that two black men, one wearing a bandanna around his face, assaulted her Monday afternoon, punching and kicking her to the ground. The week before, someone slashed the tires of the department car of Deputy Inspector John D'Adamo, commanding officer of the 52nd Precinct in the Bronx. D'Adamo also said someone approached her last week and threatened her. But there were inconsistencies with D'Adamo's story, and her bruises didn't match up with her account of the beating. "She put up a good act and the officers at the scene were convinced that she was traumatized," said Clarkstown Police Capt. Michael Sullivan.

Eventually, they caught her in the lies: "Our detectives had their doubts and brought her back in for questioning. She admitted she made up the story of being beaten," said Sullivan. She admitted that the she made up the assault story and that her wounds were self-inflicted, and she also admitted that she slashed her husband's tires. D'Adamo as taken to a Rockland County hospital for a psychiatric evaluation and has yet to be charged with filing a false report.

Having said all that, the cops over at Thee Rant message board are somewhat dubious of the whole story, as they were yesterday; one in particular has a different theory as to what happened: "She has to take the hit, so he woulnt get fired for assaulting her. She wants her 1/2 of his pension. If hes fired she gets nothing. Play the EDP game and she avoids the collar as well. Good lawyer. A buddy at the pension section says that He tried to retire today but was denied due to an active IAB investigation. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM?"