2007_02_bxmother.jpgYesterday, family and neighbors were shocked when young mother Angelica Grullon was shot to death by a robber Thursday evening. WNBC spoke to the victim's sister, who said, "A girl knocked at the door and she asked for someone and...she asked if she could use the bathroom. (Angelica) was so gullible that she let her in." After using the bathroom, the stranger asked for a glass of water and then threatened Grullon, demanding money. A friend had been in the apartment, and Grullon yelled at the friend to protect her 1 year old son, Jeremiah. Then Grullon ran out of the apartment, into the common hallway, and the stranger followed her, shooting her in the back. A neighbor heard the stranger yell, "You thought I was going to let you get away with it just like that!"

A surveillance camera in the apartment building's lobby shows the suspect, as well as a male companion who seemed to be a look out. The pair left in a livery cab, whose driver was questioned by the NYPD. The friend in the apartment at the time said the shooter "looked like drug addict."

Grullon's brother said, "She lived for her son. You know, what happened here was a tragedy. Unfortunately you can't be good to people these days..We don't know who did this, they're still investigating. We don't know, we don't know yet."