Yesterday afternoon at around 3:30 p.m., a woman—who was trying to shield her 9-year-old child at the time— was fatally shot in violent crossfire on East 146th Street in the Bronx's Mott Haven neighborhood. According to MyFox NY, "Aisha Santiago, 25, was just coming home from doing laundry when someone opened fire on East 146th Street," and some witnesses think that the gunfire was from rival gangs, possibly the Bloods and Crips based on the groups' colors, while police suspect it might be the Latin Kings and another gang.

WABC 7 reports that two brothers had opened fire on a man at Willis Avenue and East 146th, "chasing him down the street as he fired back." Santiago tried to protect her child (relatives say she ducked behind her laundry cart while the Post says she pushed him into a building vestibule), but she was hit in the chest and died in front of the boy.

Another man was shot—a witness told NY1, "I seen the guy when he got shot. The guy was laying on the floor. He was gushing blood. I felt so bad. You know it's crazy you can't even stand or walk around cause you gotta watch for a gunshot or something."—but it's unclear whether he was a bystander or one of the suspects. Police are still looking for the shooters.