A distressing murder in the Bronx: A man killed his girlfriend (and mother of his 18 month old son) after being rejected by her; the police found Betzaida Eva Madera stabbed to death with her heart cut out. Wilfred Lopez, charged with her murder, was apparently threatening suicide and telling people he was carrying a gun earlier in the day. Police say "he had proposed to her on Valentine's Day and she turned him down. I don't know if that's why he ripped her heart out."

Generally, people can remain civil with their exes. However, do not assume anything, as there are too many cases of men and women killing their exes in fits of passion. When Gothamist was in college, a young law student was killed by her ex-boyfriend and his current (allegedly jealous) girlfriend, which prompted our self-defense instructor to say, "NEVER let your ex back into your apartment. Just don't do it. Met him on the stoop, if it's daylight, or tell him to call you." It's harsh, but it certainly something to keep in mind.