A Bronx man was shot three times last night protecting his girlfriend from three ski-mask wearing robbers. Jahmai Samuel, 27, and girlfriend Alessia Velez, 27, were returning to their apartment at 3245 Eastchester Road from their jobs at the Westchester County Fair when they were held up around 10:30 p.m. Friday. Samuel was shot twice in the chest and once in the jaw during the ensuing fight, but is in stable condition at Jacobi Medical Center now.

The couple, who worked as managers at the fair, had about $2,000 in their BMW when they returned home. The three robbers took the money from them, but then started demanding more: “They wanted to get inside the apartment,” Ray Velez, Alessia's farther, told the News. “But he didn’t want to let them, and they had my daughter’s head down on the ground and he didn’t like it. So he started fighting with them, and they shot him.”

Velez added that Samuel believes the robbery had been planned for awhile: he told him he had spotted an unfamiliar car with tinted windows parked near the apartment about three days ago. “Thank God he’s alive,” added Velez. “He’s got three bullets in him, it could have been a lot worse.”