A Bronx man who was mugged and beaten over the weekend for $15 died from his injuries yesterday. Police say that 59-year-old Bimal Chanda was moving out of his apartment in Fordham when he was attacked by two men who repeatedly struck him with a metal object.

Chanda was walking to his old apartment building on West 190th Street after purchasing packing tape around 9 a.m. Saturday. The two muggers followed him into the building and confronted him on the second floor landing. While one beat him with the metal object, the other grabbed his cash. Chanda has been in intensive care since the attack.

Chanda, who was married and has a daughter, lived in the building for more than 25 years; a neighbor told the Post that he “always made conversation with my kids ... he always told them, ‘Keep going to school.’” Neighbors held a vigil and protest last night in Fordham; police are still searching for the muggers.