It's the end of another long work week, and people need a way to blow off steam. And sometimes shooting pool or drinking beers just doesn't cut it. No, sometimes you need to grab your trusty pickaxe and bash some cars.

Bronx police had to subdue a man yesterday morning near Erskine Pl. in Co-Op City for doing just that. The man, who the News describes as "emotionally disturbed," used his 20-pound axe to go on an eight car wave of destruction. When police arrived, they were nervous he would turn his rage toward them: "He was out there in the street, swinging this big axe. Certainly, deadly force could have been used any number of times, and it would have been justified. But these guys held their fire and were able to take him into custody," said one source. Maybe he was just suffering from a mild case of symphorophilia?