A 67-year old Bronx man is suing NYC and the Montefiore Medical Center for throwing out his severed ear, the Daily News reports. A chunk of Eduardo Garcia's ear was bitten off by his son's bull terrier on May 10 last year. Emergency workers put the ear on ice in the ambulance, but when they got to Montefiore, EMS workers "threw the hunk of flesh in the trash" because of the risk of infection if it were reattached.

Garcia's lawyer, Andrew Friedman, said, "Now, he's got a deformity...they deprived him of an opportunity to have treatment," to rebuild the ear. Garcia was instead left with "22 stitches, two staples and life without a lobe."

While it's horrible the hospital apparently messed up like this, perhaps fate has bigger plans for that ear, and an impressionable young man will find it and be swept up in a surreal journey through the dark heart of suburbia.