2007_01_lozada.jpgThe murder of beloved Bronx pediatrician Leandro Lozado may be solved: Police arrested Bronx resident Samuel Sanders for the crime. Lozado's body was found on Wednesday in his Yonkers home, with Lozado shot in the head multiple times. Police looked into Lozado's finances and found that he bought his house from Saunders - and the house had been in foreclosure.

Police suspect Saunders was upset about needing to sell the house. WNBC 4 reported that the police found "incriminating banking records and possibly bloodstained clothes inside Saunders new Bronx home." Yonkers police commissioner Edmund Hartnett said, "There is a prior connection between the two, possibly money revenge. It’s all possibilities at this time." Hartnett also added that another person may have been involved with the murder. However, Saunders' wife told the Daily News that her husband was innocent and that he was happy to sell the home to Lozado.

Lozado's patients had set up a shrine outside his Bronx practice on Thursday; the pediatrician treated some patients without insurance and sometimes gave out free medication. The Times reported his personal statement for the NY State Department of Health: Lozado's goal was to "give something back to society by serving my community, which is in need of good and culturally sensitive medical care.”