A Bronx man allegedly killed his 5-year-old son and tried to kill himself and his 7-year-old daughter with rat poison, according to police. Leonardo Espinal, 47, was reportedly upset about a split with his wife two weeks ago. While babysitting the kids at his stepmother's house, he reportedly called his ex last night to say he was going to keep the kids for the evening instead of bringing them home—and then an hour later he called again to say he was going to kill himself.

The children's mother, Rosaura Abreu, immediately called Espinal's stepmother and the police and headed to the University Heights apartment where the children were. When Espinal's stepmom arrived in the Bronx apartment ,she found the couple's daughter "throwing up on a couch" and the Espinal locked in the bathroom with the boy. Cops soon also arrived and broke down the door, but it was too late: "Espinal was full-clothed in a bathtub filled with water, with his lifeless, naked son beneath him."

At that point Abreu arrived at the apartment and it was revealed that Espinal had ingested rat poison—and given some to his daughter. The boy was quickly rushed to a hospital but was declared dead on arrival. The girl is said to be recovering.

Espinal, who was also hospitalized, was not charged today.