Bronx judges are upset that many jurors can't seem to STFU about felony trials, both inside and outside the courtroom. Discussing felony trials outside of jury deliberation can lead to mistrial, but many Bronx jurors either forget that or just don't care. One juror on a drug case last year told the Daily News, "We talked about things that would have made the judge crazy. You talk about the defendant, the lawyers, the judge—because they become such a big part of your life."

According to her, the defendant was also "too cute to convict." She must have been citing some sort of Dreaminess Clause that we forgot applied. But opinions aside, courts have been making efforts to keep jurors from talking to each other. One lawyer suggested that jurors leave the courthouse one at a time, and said, "It's flat out scary, but when jurors talk, it almost never gets back to the judge or the lawyers on the case, so it's a see-no-evil, hear-no-evil situation." Bronx Supreme Court Justice Efrain Alvarado also said, "It imperils the goal of fairness to all sides." But who cares about fairness when the jurors have gossip?