111008yaleclub.jpgToday the rabble-rousing Post is reveling in allegations that the IRS is investigating the Yale Club for violating a requirement that 70% of its guest rooms be reserved for members in order to maintain tax-exempt status. While the IRS won't verify the claim, one pissy club member has blabbed about the brewing brouhaha. "In recent years, the club has become more like a hotel than the private club it is chartered to be," the unidentified member complains, airing a grievance about difficulties getting a room reserved at the special alumni rate of $215 a night (as opposed to $325 for nonmembers). And another disgruntled member, one Mrs. Harrison DeSilver, declares that the club has been just plain "crappy. I just want to put my feet up here, but instead, weddings are being shipped down from The Bronx." While that does sound simply abhorrent, Mrs. DeSilver might also want to steer clear of the club Wednesday night, when L.G.B.T. photographer Catherine Opie is scheduled to be feted.