Henry Bello, who was been officially identified as the man who went on a shooting rampage at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital yesterday afternoon, allegedly threatened he would be back to shoot co-workers according to hospital employees.

Dionne Morales, who CBS2 described as a hospital employee, told the channel that Bello "said he was going to do this two years ago when they fired him, he said he was going to kill people," though she clarified that she didn't hear him make the threat.

The Post spoke with another doctor who told them that Bello made the threat. Dr. Maureen Kwankam told the paper that Bello "promised to come back and shoot one of the residents," and that he had threatened four other hospital employees. According to the paper, Bello was looking for the resident he'd promised to shoot, but he wasn't working.

The Post is also reporting that the female doctor killed in the rampage was Dr. Tracy Tam of Queens, and that she was covering a co-worker's shift. A police spokesperson told Gothamist that the department had not released the name of the victim yet.

Police also released an image of the gun that Bello used in the shooting, an AR-15 rifle.

Bello was let go from Bronx-Lebanon in 2015 because of a sexual harassment allegation, according to PIX11. He had a permit to work while supervised by a licensed physician at the hospital that was granted in 2014 and expired in 2016. The channel also reports that he had previous arrests for unlawful imprisonment in 2004 and unlawful surveillance in 2009.

Bello pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor unlawful imprisonment charge in the 2004 case, but the Times reports that the same case had a more serious felony charge of sexual abuse that was dropped. A police source told the paper that the victim told cops Bello had grabbed her crotch outside a building on Bleecker Street, tried to "penetrate her through her underwear" and picked her up and told her "You're coming with me."

The Daily News shared an email that Bello sent to the paper just two hours before his rampage, in which he blamed two specific doctors at the hospital for sabotaging his career.

The paper shared a picture of the email Bello sent, in which he claimed he was fired because the hospital told him he kept to himself too much and then because he had an altercation with a colleague. He also referenced another email he had sent to a female doctor, blaming her for his firing "after she sent out an email to everybody telling them to file complaints against me so I can be terminated for being rude to her." Bello concluded the email by claiming that he had spent $400,000 trying to get his medical license and that another doctor "made sure I never completed my program."

According to NBC4, Bello was a Nigerian-born doctor who studied medicine on the island of Dominica, in the Caribbean. After he resigned from Bronx-Lebanon, he bounced around between five different addresses, and cops described him as a "transient" to NBC.