It's Friday afternoon, so why not start your weekend with a feel-good story? RaeVaughn Gardner-Williams, an 18-year-old honor student, is shocking doctors and family members with his recovery after being nearly killed by a hit-and-run earlier this month.

Cops say that Gardner-Williams was on his way to get ice for his family's barbecue when he was slammed into the concrete by a vehicle as he attempted to cross Burnside Avenue in the Bronx on August 7. The car — described as a white Honda or Toyota — then sped away from the scene, leaving authorities with no leads. Gardner-Williams sustained critical injuries as a result of the impact, and when he was taken to the hospital, "The doctors said he wouldn't make it through the first night," his mother, Greer Gardner, said.

But Gardner-Williams is proving everyone wrong. He awoke early from a medically-induced coma on Saturday, and doctors now say it appears that he won't have any permanent brain damage. "It's been a miracle. God brought him back to us," said his mother.

Just how strong is this teenager? After waking up from the coma he simply stated, "I'm ready to go home." Then, just yesterday, recalling that he was scheduled to attend Franklin & Marshall College (he got a four-year scholarship) before the car struck him, added, "I’m supposed to be at college. I want to go right now." However, Gardner-Williams is deferring school until at least January.