It's yet another case of kids behaving badly - and then putting it on the Internet. Someone recorded a Bronx sophomore being beaten by a gang and then put the video on YouTube. The CW News at 11 spoke to students at DeWitt Clinton High School in the Bronx who were there during the March 15 fight (select the video "Follow up to violent gang web video"). The students said that the sophomore was beaten after being mistakenly targeted for saying something to a girl who had been throwing acorns at students heading to the subway.

In the video, you can see one teen actually approaches with a cane to beat the student. The attackers may have thought he belonged to a gang like Dominicans Don't Play, but the students' friends say he's not a member of any gang. And one student says she thinks the sophomore was beaten because he was black.

The victim's brother told WCBS 2, "That's a crime taking place being posted on the Web for the whole world to see. It's a shame. It really gives the gangs a sort of macho bravado." He also added, "I cannot believe that a Web site is not screening anything that goes on their Web site, allowing people to post stuff like that." YouTube has taken down the videos at this point, but you can see clips on both The CW 11 and WCBS sites.

No police report was filed, so the police haven't started an official investigation. Some suggest that the student is fearing retribution from the Trinitarios and that's why he hasn't filed a formal complaint. However, the Department of Education says, "The high school is working with the police, trying to get to the bottom of it."