Between the pepper spraying incidents, the stabbings, the knifings, the beatings, the acid attacks, and the unending violence, we have no interest in setting foot in a high school anytime soon—and we greatly admire all those teachers who do, even when it seemingly costs them their sanity. One Bronx high school teacher had a complete breakdown in front of his students yesterday after one student reportedly misbehaved. “He kind of lost it a little bit. He was taken away on a stretcher,” a fellow teacher told the News.

History teacher Peter Bogolub's meltdown started around 12:15 p.m. yesterday when a student misbehaved during class at Bronx Engineering and Technology Academy in Marble Hill. He allegedly threw a chair across the room and cut himself in the process. “A teacher at Bronx Engineering and Technology Academy expressed anger and distress in front of his classroom today,” said Education Department spokesman Matt Mittenthal. “Students were moved to another room and are safe, and the teacher was taken to the hospital for medical attention.” Police said that Bogolub, who was taken to North Central Hospital, suffered an anxiety attack and had trouble breathing.

Students indicated that Bogolub was a popular teacher: “He helped us after class. He’s the reason I passed my Global History Regents, actually," said student Jamie. Students even reportedly broke into a chant of “Free Bogolub” during lunch Thursday. The super at Bogolub's apartment building, Luis Nunez, was shocked: “What you’re telling telling me, I can’t believe you. He’s very respectful, very quiet.”