2008_11_karagrand.jpgBronx resident Diogenes Angeles showed three young men he's no shrinking grandfather: The Daily News reports that Angeles "dusted off his karate skills" yesterday when "Eugene Sanchez, 19, Rakeem Johnson, 23, and Jason Lopez, 25, taunted and then attacked" him. The 57-year-old managed to defend himself and the attackers ran away, only to be arrested by the police later and charged with robbery, possession of stolen property and resisting arrest (Sanchez also bit a cop's hand; the News has a picture of the perps, one of whom is wearing seriously baggy jeans). Angeles learned karate when he was a teen and has practiced every day, explaining, "We live in a city where you leave your house and you don't know what's going to happen. You need to be able to defend yourself."